12 June 2008

Dr M is one healthy poster boy for Warga Emas

I don't remember exactly how old Dr M is, but I certainly think for a man in his 80s, his energy, his sharp intelect, even his eagerness to fight, amazes me every single day I see him in the papers.

No wonder that I have always heard this repeated rumour (I certainly would classify it as one) that somehow he had found his fountain of youth, the spring of perpetual energy, strength and fighting cock spirit. That rumour had something to do with cell injections in some faraway mountain resorts in the Alps. If only this can be true, I would be more than happy to try depositing a few of these super cells into my veins.

My dad is about Dr M's age, and sadly, he (my dad lah) just suffered a minor stroke that had left him without adequate use of his limbs. Very difficult to watch, as the unstoppable genetic clock clicks away and a once healthy bubbly personality is slowly reduced to a helpless old man, forlorn, in deep thought, and so far from Dr. M, my other "Dad".

A Soul in Kuala Lumpur